“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”

We’ve undergone a transformation stylistically at edinburgharchaeology.wordpress.com ! In addition to our revamped website the photographs from the most recent visit to Murrayfield Primary School have been uploaded to our ‘EAOP in action!’ page and we have our first testimonial uploaded as well.

As summer is here, we’ll be focusing our attention on our member’s workshops where we can center our attention on how to explain archaeological concepts –  jargon free – to enable us to give the most informative and understandable visits possible. We hope to convey archaeology as an accessible discipline but do so without creating a facade of falsehood – unfortunately Indianna Jones is not a member of EAOP. This is, as you can imagine, not the easiest of tasks. We at EAOP however hope to do so not by covering up the exciting parts of archaeology, but by exposing the ways in which we discover our magical past to hopefully open the student’s eyes to the reality of their ability to be a part of the  future of Scottish, British and world archaeology. 



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