Blackhall Rainbows!

Here’s some feedback from our visit a few weeks back to the brilliant Blackhall Rainbows! Hopefully we’ll be back visiting them and other Rainbows and Girl Guides soon!

“Last night at Rainbows volunteers from the Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project came along to teach us about archaeology. Everyone learned something, including the leaders! The lovely volunteers (Hannah, Susie and Tom) brought tools with them and showed the Rainbows how to use them. They also brought old bones and the girls had to guess where they had come from! Cue lots of girls learning a bit more about the human body – no, a femur is not a spine!

After that the girls got to see different objects from Viking and other time periods. There was a beautifully carved wooden man, a blue scarab beetle (that was too pretty to be old!) and a waterfall carving. They thoroughly enjoyed doing rubbings with the waterfall and trying to draw their own scarab beetle.

The finale of our action packed hour was letting the Rainbows loose on making a cave painting of their own (on paper not the wall!) There were handprints, animals, flowers – and some that had just got a bit excited and messy. After a thorough clean up it was time to go home. The Rainbows all had a fantastic time and wanted to know why Hannah, Susie and Tom were not returning next week. The leaders were left with a 6 foot cave painting to get up on the wall – which we managed (eventually). We’d just like to say a huge thank you for such an amazing session and to let you know that you’re welcome back at any time.

Seona & the rest of 157A Blackhall Rainbows”

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