“Hannah and Matilde visited my primary 4 class during our topic of the Vikings. The children were very interested in hearing about the archaeology aspects of this topic and Hannah and Matilde provided them with very interesting facts which generated lots of discussion! The children were all fully engaged with their learning during their visit and enjoyed the activities.Our drama at the end of the afternoon , using the helmets and “axes” made , was very effective!
Hannah has visited my classes several times before and all of her visits have been educational , and more importantly enjoyable for the children.She has both informed and engaged with the children, and ignited a little spark of interest in archaeology.”

M. McGlynn, Murrayfield Primary 


“My class thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities and are keen to find out more about archaeology.”

Ms H. Buchanan, Wallyford Primary


“I just wanted to thank you so much for sending David and Tom out to South Queensferry to introduce us to archaeology.  The Guides had a good time learning something new and asking lots of questions.  We had paper and pens in the hall and there was some spare banquet roll to cover the tables  – plus experience of cleaning after a very messy paint session last week!  So we were able to provide the necessary materials. The guys were great, providing enough information to get the girls started thinking and then answering their questions really well.

M.Littlejohn,Port Edgar Girl Guides
“The pupils really enjoyed listening to the presentation and takingpart in the activities. The session was tailored to the class topic of World War 2 and the pupils learned a wealth of information and practised some new skills!”

Mr K. McKenzie, Brunstane Primary


The girls seemed really interested and I hope you will pass on our thanks to your other volunteers.”

Ms F. Watt, Greenbank Girl Guides


“I quizzed the pupils this morning and they were full of the joys of archaeology. They told me all about the artefacts and were amazed to think that they were thousands of years old. It has given us a physical link to our interdisciplinary project on the Mesolithic settlers ties in with our recent Forest Schools work. A great platform for us to build our work on.

Thanks again, the pupils really enjoyed your visit.”

Mr Linton, Dalry Primary


“The pupils have enjoyed the visits and been really engaged with the activities. Thank you for all your efforts.”

Ms Low, Dalry Primary


“Last night at Rainbows volunteers from the Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project came along to teach us about archaeology. Everyone learned something, including the leaders! The lovely volunteers (Hannah, Susie and Tom) brought tools with them and showed the Rainbows how to use them. They also brought old bones and the girls had to guess where they had come from! Cue lots of girls learning a bit more about the human body – no, a femur is not a spine!

After that the girls got to see different objects from Viking and other time periods. There was a beautifully carved wooden man, a blue scarab beetle (that was too pretty to be old!) and a waterfall carving. They thoroughly enjoyed doing rubbings with the waterfall and trying to draw their own scarab beetle.

The finale of our action packed hour was letting the Rainbows loose on making a cave painting of their own (on paper not the wall!) There were handprints, animals, flowers – and some that had just got a bit excited and messy. After a thorough clean up it was time to go home. The Rainbows all had a fantastic time and wanted to know why Hannah, Susie and Tom were not returning next week. The leaders were left with a 6 foot cave painting to get up on the wall – which we managed (eventually). We’d just like to say a huge thank you for such an amazing session and to let you know that you’re welcome back at any time.”

Seona & the 157A Blackhall Rainbows


” We had such a wonderful time – please thank Anahita, Tom and Tyler for inspiring P6. I asked the children what they had learnt today and was amazed by their responses. Children who often don’t contribute were keen to share their learning and they thought of such a variety of learning points.”

Ms. S. MacDonald, Leithwalk  Primary


“Thank you so much to Tom and David for the excellent workshop that they had prepared for Primary 5 last week!  The children were full of enthusiasm and questions and also really keen to share how much they knew about Ancient Egypt too.  The activities were good fun and they particularly enjoyed learning about bones and the different tools that archaeologists use! Thank you so much and we hope you can visit again one day!”

Ms E. Gillies, Leithwalk Primary


“I just want to say how fabulous the visit was for P4C! The content was pitched exactly right – the class were totally engaged during all 4 activities. Tom, Matilde and Tyler got right in amongst the kids and there was lots of evidence of excellent interaction. It was a great learning experience and so worthwhile. Thanks so much!”

Ms. R. McVicker, Sciennes Primary


“Thank you very much for coming and visiting us here at Leith walk Primary. The P1’s really enjoyed your visit and worked very well at all the stations. We all went away at the end of the lesson learning something new! “

Ms. R. Sneddon, Leithwalk Primary


“The children were inspired by the session and were all actively engaged in the different stations planned by the archaeologists. At a time when the children are developing tools for writing it was incredible that some of the children could write their name in hieroglyphics. The activities also clearly provided the children with the chance to learn about how different types of evidence can help one find out about the past, a desired experience and outcome from the Curriculum For Excellence, Early Years Level. The volunteers were all very friendly, able to talk to children at a suitable level and clearly passionate about archaeology and I believe this type of hands on experience for the children can only help inspire their learning! “

Mr I. Holden, Leithwalk Primary


What an afternoon!  The children loved their archaeology experience.  It was brilliant-what an excellent afternoon.  The favourite parts,  if we had to pick were digging for artefacts in the sandpit and looking at the skulls.  They also found piecing together the pottery very interesting and enjoyable.  We, the class and myself would just like to say a huge thank you to Zak and Matilde for visiting with us this afternoon. Many thanks and a huge thank you”

Ms. C. Ross, Tollcross Primary


 “Hannah came in to share the knowledge and experience of archaeology with my P3 class during our Ancient Egypt topic. The children were fascinated to find out first hand how archaeologists work. The active learning gave the children an opportunity to explore and learn new skills. Hannah was extremely patient with the children and explained things at an appropriate level. I think that this innovative project which allows personal contact with an expert enhances the children’s learning experience and makes it more real and relevant.”

Ms. P. Millar, Murrayfield Primary



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